Friday, December 30, 2011

Cody Hoffman is My Hero

Time for an Armed Forces Bowl wrap up! It's been so long since I've watched a BYU football game, it almost seems like it should be the beginning a new season. But in reality, it was the end of the season -- albeit a nerve-wracking end, thankfully with a great final 11 seconds. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win! A school record third-straight bowl victory. Yay!

Something just wasn't quite right with Riley Nelson. He threw some very uncharacteristic interceptions and got sacked way more than I've ever seen before. But thankfully he was able to pull himself together on the last drive, complete a 4th down conversion, pull a fake spike, and send it home into the hands of (who else?) CODY HOFFMAN for the win. Riley said after the game that they have run that play several times in practice, but it has never worked before. Thank goodness it worked when it counted most.

Oh man, I love Hoffman. I called my mom right after the game ended to see if she had stuck it out and watched the whole thing (she tends to give up and turn it off if she thinks they're going to lose). The very first thing out of her mouth was, "Are you gonna name your car Cody now?" haha. I bought my new car in May, but still haven't come up with a name for it, as is our family tradition. Cody just may have been put into the running now. And why not? I hope my car turns out to be as reliable and solid as he is. Three touchdowns. 88% of BYU's points. Holy moly. I'm convinced that guy could catch anything, anywhere, anytime. I can't remember ever being disappointed with him.

I've also gotta give a shout out to Matt Reynolds. No helmet? No problem! That play that led to the first touchdown took a lot of guts and passion-- as one of the commentators said, "Now that's playing to win!"

And I can't get away in good conscience without saying how much I love Kyle Van Noy. Dang, that guy is like a heat-seeking missile. He had 4 sacks and single-handedly shoved Tulsa out of field goal range after Riley threw an interception.

Overall, job well done, Cougs. Way to pull it out in the end. Can't wait til next season...

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