Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I take back (part of) what I said about Cusick

In my sixth man nominee post, I said Craig Cusick can't hit treys. I was wrong. 

Who knew? As evidenced by the last few games, Cusick can sink threes! And in rather impressive fashion, I might add. I'll admit this stat I'm about to give is kind of skewed because he doesn't shoot very many of them, but he hit 100% of his threes in 5 out of the last 6 games. He has even improved to 48% on the season. Not bad at all. In fact, I'd like to nominate him for another award that I just made up. Craig, I hereby dub thee "Most improved 3-point shooter on the current BYU team."

But comparing him to Jimmer? No way, no how. Cusick said it himself: "Oh no, please. I'm no Jimmer — don't call me Jimmer — I couldn't possibly live up to that." As also previously stated by the expert (me), STOP COMPARING EVERYONE TO JIMMER, PEOPLE! Seriously. Jimmer is the only Jimmer. The end. But I am really starting to like Cusick more and more. Especially as Carlino's relief-- the two of them rotating in and out, and occasionally playing together, is a great system.

My niece attended the Santa Clara game with me, and as I was explaining who some of the players are to her, I mentioned, "Number 2 is Craig Cusick. He used to play for Utah, but he has now converted to the good side, and we have welcomed him into the fold." :) That's right, Craig. Way to be a Cougar. Play on...

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