Monday, August 13, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust: Damarcus Harrison Transfers

I am now mourning the loss of yet another Cougar with a lot of potential: Damarcus Harrison. He just announced that he will be transferring to Clemson. Apparently his mission plans got delayed for a few months (he is now planning on putting in his papers in January), and Dave Rose had already given up his scholarship (understandable), so now he wants to go play somewhere else until he leaves. What. the. heck?

Here's my big question: He said he is petitioning to be able to play immediately (I can't imagine why they would let him-- I highly doubt a lost scholarship is a good enough reason), but what if he doesn't get it (most likely scenario)? He'd have to red shirt for the rest of his mission-planning time. So what's the point? Yes, he could attend classes and be closer to his family, but I don't understand how that makes it worth it. AND-- Harrison's brother is planning on coming to BYU after he gets home from his mission in December. Really? You're going to give up BYU and being at college with your brother just to red shirt at another school for like 6 months? Really? He said it's possible he could come back to BYU again after his mission, but I don't see that as very likely. Transferring twice? Ummm . . . certainly not ideal.

Juice Quezada also announced that he's transferring to Fresno State. As I said before, I don't get it. Apparently he was even baptized into the LDS Church last week by former BYU teammate Brian Kariya, which means the Church is definitely not his reason for transferring. Something is really messed up in the timing of all these transfers.

Another Cougar gone . . . makes me sad. Hopefully we'll get some good replacements in the coming years who stick around for more than a year. Sheesh . . .

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  1. Good comments and very insightful. I agree with you on Harrison. I don't think that he will be coming back after his mission. It just doesn't seem likely.

    As far as Quezada goes, I completely understand why he transferred. It makes sense, but it shows that he is a bit insecure as a player. College football is full of teams that have a runningback-by-committee with several backs being able to do something really well. BYU, although known for being a passing team, is no exception. Quezada wants to play football. His playing time with all the runningbacks that BYU has on its roster would be more limited here than elsewhere. I don't think that he has a problem with BYU. He just loves the game and wants to have a bigger role. Fresno State is a place that can offer that to him.