Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A sad end to Chris Collinsworth's basketball career

I am kind of glad I have something to talk about that's not football, even if it is sad news. Chris Collinsworth announced last week that he will have career-ending ankle surgery. I can't say I'm surprised--this guy has had more injuries and surgeries than any other player I've heard of in a loooong time--but it's still very sad. It's especially hard since I know he was looking forward to playing at least one more year with his brother when Kyle returns from his mission in 2013.

Chris only got to play in a handful of games during the three years he's been on the BYU basketball roster. Two of those seasons, he was granted medical redshirts, so technically he could have continued to play for another 3 years, but obviously his knees, ankles, and other injured body parts just can't handle it. It's always so sad when a promising athlete has to cut a career short because of injuries, especially when it's a member of my all-time favorite sports team.You will be missed, Chris. I wish you the best in your future.


  1. Poor Chris Collinsworth!

    Some athletes (Jordan Wynn, Austin Collie, Chris Collinsworth) are snake-bitten with injuries; as if they were made of glass.

  2. Agreed. On an ironic (and somewhat frustrating) sidenote, technically Damarcus Harrison could have taken Chris' scholarship for this year, if he hadn't already decided to transfer to Clemson. And now Clemson has agreed to let him play immediately.

    Sad to lose 2 players instead of one because the timing was off...