Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weber State Wrap-Up & Holy War Predictions

Great game on Saturday! Unfortunately, though, I was sick (and still am), so there was no screaming or singing the fight song allowed on my part. Stupid upper respiratory infection! It's probably good we just played Weber State or I might have exploded. :)

Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome. We're now #25 in the AP poll, so something good must have happened! At least in the first half, we were practically-- dare I say it-- perfect. I saw very few dumb mistakes. And Taysom Hill is freaking awesome! I am so excited for what the next three years will bring with him at the helm. James Lark impressed me, too. Having three solid quarterbacks is a great position to be in, and it makes me even more excited for the rest of the season.

Favorite moment: Cody Hoffman's awesome touchdown catch in the first quarter. And it was even better because I was lucky enough to get a great picture of it! See

Now it's on to my least favorite game of the year: Utah. No matter what the score is or what is happening, I will spend that entire game biting my nails and tearing my hair out. It definitely won't contribute to my immune system's current battle . . . Argh.

My honest prediction is that BYU will win, though. I think they've got enough fire in their veins for revenge after last year's ridiculous debacle that they won't let that happen again. Jordan Wynn's career came to an end last week, so Utah's got a quarterback problem (which, in my opinion, is what BYU's downfall was last year). And the Utes are still going to be bitter and have less confidence after their loss to Utah State last week. I honestly think BYU is the better team going into Saturday and has the edge, but with this game, you never know. The next few weeks are gonna be rough, but I'm confident my Cougs can make it through. Let's go, boys!!!


  1. If BYU wants to beat Utah, they have to do it this year.

    Utah is lacking continuity at QB, and is facing player suspensions or injury at key positions.

    Utah is indeed a wounded animal right now, and there are only two options: become overwhelmed by a wounded animal fighting for its life, or put the wounded animal out of its misery.

    I hope BYU chooses the latter.

    As for Jordan Wynn being done, I genuinely feel sorry for him.

    1. Oh yeah, as much as I dislike Jordan Wynn, I feel bad for him, too. It's always sad when an athlete has to cut their career short because of injuries.

      And yes, let's definitely put them out of their misery! Couldn't have said it better myself :)

  2. Last year I felt BYU and Utah were pretty close to even on the match-up, but we all know how that ended up. I feel like this game comes down to who makes fewer mistakes. BYU needs to limit the penalties and Utah needs to find some offense. Hays looked good but he'll need to be better to get the win on Saturday.

    1. Last year, it was all about turnovers. They were pretty evenly matched, but obviously the score didn't show it. I do think BYU will win this week, but it certainly won't be easy. It never is. It will be interesting to see how Hays handles the pressure.