Sunday, October 7, 2012

BYU vs. Utah State: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Bad

Cody Hoffman just being Cody Hoffman: Ah-maze-ing!
Obviously, the good is that BYU pulled out the win over Utah State on Friday night! It was a real defensive struggle and a low-scoring game, as I figured it probably would be. The BYU defense was amazing as usual, allowing only one field goal the entire game. They have not allowed a TD in 13 quarters now . . . amazing. Hopefully they can keep this streak going because we're really going to need it. After the game, Robby Bullough interviewed Ziggy Ansah and asked him how difficult it was to stop the USU offense. Ziggy's response: "It was easy. We just had to go out there and play football." Well said, my man. Keep it up.

The bad is that our offense is still struggling, especially the kicking game. We're not going to be able to get past the tough teams we've got coming without a decent kicker. Seriously, there has got to be someone on that team who can at least make a P.A.T. Anybody? Bueller? Sigh . . .

Now for the REALLY BAD. There are rumors circulating that Taysom Hill might have sustained a season-ending injury to his knee on the VERY LAST play of the game (before he took a knee--oh the irony-- to run down the clock). He was limping a little bit coming off the field, but it didn't look too bad and he was still walking. However, the news outlets are reporting it might be a lot worse than they originally thought, and he might have to have surgery. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We'll have an extremely hard time getting past our next 3 games (Oregon State, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech) with only a semi-healthy Riley Nelson and a shaky back-up in James Lark. A report on Taysom's status is supposed to be announced tomorrow, so everybody start praying now! We need him!!!

 The BYU boys wore pink shoes in support of breast cancer awareness.

 Riley Nelson didn't play, but was still an enthusiastic participant, jumping up and down on the sidelines, waving a pink towel, and doing his best to get the crowd into it. What a good sport.


  1. If Doman insists on running the QB into the ground, these injuries are going to be more common-place.

    1. Yeah, I think Taysom is the leading rusher on the team right now. That's not good practice in general...