Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changes in the BYU Basketball Roster

Mr. R. D. is transferring from BYU
Hello Cougar fans! Seems like I haven't blogged in forever! In my defense, I've been super busy with work and other stuff, and there's just not much going on in BYU sports nowadays anyway. That dreaded summer lull is upon us . . . Anyways, there has been a little bit of news on the BYU basketball front over the past few weeks.

First, Raul Delgado has decided to transfer to Metro State (wherever that is . . .) Kind of a strange move for a to-be senior, but I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised. He didn't get a lot of playing time in the one year he had as a Cougar. The good news: that leaves only one senior on the team this next year: Auggie Ambrosino. And, no offense to Auggie whatsoever, but that's not a crushing loss. That means we'll have roughly the same team for 2 years in a row (with the exception of Eric Mica and maybe Luke Worthington, who will probably leave on missions after their freshman year).

Second, Ian Harward has been forced into retirement because of injuries. Sheesh, what is up with all these career-ending injuries? First Steven Rogers & Chris Collinsworth and now Harward? :(

I heart Kyle.
Speaking of Collinsworth, KYLE is back from his mission!!! YAY! I really hope he gets on the phone with Tyler Haws FAST to create a plan and start doing the same training Ty did when he got back from his mish so he'll be up-to-par in October. SO excited to see them on the court together!

With Delgado and Harward leaving, plus Brandon, Brock, Chris, and Stephen graduating and Cory Calvert going on a mission (He received his call to Boston! Congrats to Cory!), that left 7 open scholarships for this coming year. Two will be given to freshmen Luke Worthington and Eric Mika  (who was voted MVP of the West Coast All-Star Classic game this week, by the way, with 28 points and 5 blocks . . . yowza!) Another goes to Collinsworth, and another to SLCC transfer Skyler Halford.

Two more were filled in the last week or so by transfers:

Chase Fischer, from
Chase Fischer- This news came as a big shock to a lot of people. Chase is a 6-3 guard transferring from Wake Forest, so he'll have to sit out this coming season, but he'll still have 2 years left of eligibility in 2014-15 and 2015-16. He's not LDS, and the only connection he's had to anyone at BYU before was working with assistant coach Mark Pope, who used to be an assistant at WF. Chase didn't play a ton last year at WF (averaging 14.2 MPG), but he shot pretty well-- 39.5% FG and 42.2% 3FG. In other words, he can shoot 3s better than 2s-- that's definitely rare! I hope he can help us put some points on the board.

Frank Bartley, from I'm sure
Anson is happy he won't be the only black guy on the team! haha.
Frank Bartley- Bartley is also a 6-3 guard is transferring from a prep school in California, which means he'll be able to play immediately and have 4 full years of eligibility. I wasn't able to find much info about him, but hopefully he'll be a good relief off the bench for the likes of Carlino and Collinsworth. Bartley isn't LDS either, but he's a convert to Jimmerism. :) From this article:

“I didn’t know hardly anything about BYU when coaches first contacted me, but I sure knew about Jimmer,” Bartley said. “I became a huge fan of his during the NCAA Tournament and I watch his highlights frequently. I have a link to my computer that goes automatically to just Jimmer highlights and that was long before BYU coaches even contacted me.”

Love this guy already! haha. 

So here's the 2013-14 roster as it stands right now:
  • Tyler Haws
  • Matt Carlino
  • Josh Sharp
  • Anson Winder
  • Nate Austin
  • Auggie Ambrosino
  • Kyle Collinsworth
  • Eric Mika
  • Luke Worthington
  • Skyler Halford
  • Chase Fischer (red shirt)
  • Frank Bartley
  • Kyle Rose (walk on)

That leaves one scholarship available . . . Hope they get another big man! We need as many as we can get to have any hopes of replacing B. :(

Is it October yet???

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