Thursday, August 15, 2013

My 2013 BYU Football Predictions

Taysom Hill throws a pass at the
Fall Scrimmage on Aug 10.
 For the first time in 10 years, sadly, I am not buying season football tickets or an all-sports pass (I absolutely refuse to call it by its new name or give it any credit because it has been completely ruined now). Anyway, I hope to still attend a few of the games, but for the most part, I will likely be watching them from my couch. I'm still psyched, though! Go Cougars!

My predictions from last year were partly right, and partly wrong. So much for Brandon Doman doing a great job . . . Anyway, BYU is coming in at #36 in the pre-season polls, meaning at least some of the critics think they've got a good shot at a successful season. However, the recent loss of cornerback Jordan Johnson and some injuries at nose guard could make the defense really shaky, especially to start out. I hate to say it, but maybe the new "go fast, go hard" policy is a little too fast, too hard. We've gotta keep these players healthy, or this is going to be a really rough season!

Anyway, I'll probably write another post focused more on the players, but I've decided to take this one game by game.

August 31 at Virginia
I think the adrenaline of a new season will carry us through this game. KVN, Cody, and Jamaal will bust out of the gate running, and while it will be a tough contest, I think BYU wins by 7.

September 7 vs. Texas
This is going to be a really tough home opener. Texas will be coming off an easy peasy home win against New Mexico State, and I think BYU might be a little battered from Virginia, even if they pull out the win. BYU will probably hang in there through the first half, but will fall behind in the end. BYU loses by 14.

September 21 vs. Utah
We'll be coming off a bye week and still be angry from the loss to Texas. Plus, it's UTAH, and Kyle, Cody, and the rest of the seniors who have never taken down the Utes will come out with a lot of rage. I don't care if BYU loses all their other games this year-- they HAVE to win this one! So I say BYU wins by 10.

September 27 vs. Middle Tennessee State
MTSU finished last season 8-4, which certainly isn't terrible. If BYU comes into the game unprepared or cocky coming off a win to Utah, it could get shaky. I think BYU might fall behind at the beginning, but they will come back strong in the second half. BYU wins by 14.

October 4 at Utah State
Ah, the Aggies. The team BYU doesn't care about at all, yet they think we are a bitter rival. Whatever. I'm actually a little nervous about this game. I think it will be close, and the home field advantage might be BYU's demise. I'm going to hope my reverse psychology works on this one . . . BYU loses by 3.

Backup QB Ammon Olsen
October 12 vs. Georgia Tech (Homecoming)
Time to pull out the Tradition, Spirit, Honor jerseys! Yeah, not so sure that's a good thing. Oh well, at least it's only for one game. We creamed GA Tech last year, but I don't see that happening again. BYU still wins by 7, though.

October 19 at Houston
Houston had a losing season last year, 5-7, and got creamed by the likes of Tulsa, SMU, and East Carolina. BYU should (knock on wood) dismantle these Cougars easily, I say by 24.

October 25 vs. Boise State
Thank heavens we don't have to play on the smurf turf this year! As much as I like the color blue, that's just too much. . . Anyway, I think this will be a tough contest, and the Cougs will cave under the pressure of a national spotlight, especially if we have anyone out with injuries, which is almost unavoidable by this point in the season. BYU loses by 17. 

November 9 at Wisconsin
Um, yeah, BYU's gonna get crushed in this one. Gary Anderson will finally get his revenge . . . BYU loses by 28.

We're ready to rumble!!!
November 16 vs. Idaho State
We'll come back after 2 losses in a row to make a comeback against the Vandals on Senior Day. BYU wins by 21.

November 23 at Notre Dame
While the Fighting Irish have lost their starting QB to academic suspension and some of their other stars to graduation, including the infamous Manti Te'o, they will still be a tough team to beat, especially on their home turf. BYU loses by 14.

November 30 at Nevada
Kyle Van Noy's homecoming game will be a great way to send him off to the NFL. I predict KVN has his best game of the season and BYU wins by 24.

So . . . I guess that means I think we're going 7-5 this year. In all honesty, if they can even get up to 8 wins, I'd count that as a very successful season, considering this brutal schedule. Hope they prove me wrong and pull out a few of those tough ones. Go Cougs!


  1. Pretty objective look. I think a lot of fans need to temper their expectations this season. It's going to be one of BYU's toughest schedules, and with the injuries, new coaches, and new system, there will inevitably be some growing pains.

    1. Agreed. As much as I would love a national championship & undefeated season, it's not going to happen. I'll be cheering for them every game, but I'm trying not to have too-high expectations.