Sunday, March 23, 2014

BYU is One-and-Done in the Big Dance

Yeah, this pretty much sums up the game...
Well, pretty much as expected, BYU was one-and-done in the NCAA Tourney. I'm still a little confused by those who say that outcome was a million times better than the chance of winning the NIT. Yes, I know the NIT is far from a prestigious tournament, but I still hate it when the season ends earlier than I feel like it should have. I just wish basketball was a year-round sport . . . #MarchSadness.

The NCAA selection committee was super generous in giving BYU a 10-seed. I thought they had a shot at beating Oregon, but it was a very, very tiny shot. I did choose them to win that one game in my bracket, hoping for good karma, but no such luck. If we hadn't lost Collinsworth to a torn ACL in the Gonzaga game, I think we would have had a much bigger chance. It's another one of those "what could have been?" years, like 2011 when we lost Brandon Davies with just a few games left in the regular season. I hate that feeling of wondering what might have happened, but I guess now it's time to move on.

The only thing that makes me happy right now is that we're not losing anyone from this team permanently. Eric Mika is heading to Rome on his mission soon, but he'll be back in 2016. It's possible that Kyle Collinsworth will miss part of next season (or maybe even all of it, if he decides to red shirt, although that's not the plan right now) while recovering from surgery. But he'll be back. And apparently he'll be back better than ever . . .

Haha. At least he has a good attitude about it. The timing of his injury certainly sucked, but right now, the Cougars just have to make the best of it.

Down side is that next year, there will be bunches of seniors-- Anson Winder, Nate Austin, Skyler Halford, Josh Sharp, Matt Carlino, and of course Tyler Haws. I'm already sad about losing some of these guys. But I guess for now, we'll just hope for a productive off-season and rebuilding next year. We need to get deeper in the post, especially-- that was the Cougars' major achilles heel this year. Well, that and free throws, but I'm not gonna talk about that . . .

Let's just focus on the video of their reaction to receiving an at-large bid. I think I've watched it at least a dozen times, and it always makes me smile. 

Can't wait til next season! Is it October yet? :(

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