Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farewell to Charles & Noah

I'm really going to miss Charles Abouo and Noah Hartsock. Probably not as much as I miss Jimmer, but I will miss them nonetheless. I watched a few interviews with them this week and it made me rather nostalgic of their careers at BYU. Here are a few of the highlights:

When asked what their favorite Marriott Center moments are, Charles said his Freshman year against Wake Forest, last year against SDSU (I concur!) and the Boise State game in 2008 when they scored 61 points in the second half alone. Noah agreed with the SDSU game from last year and added cutting down the nets for conference championships.

When asked what they most want to be remembered for, Charles said he just wants to be known as someone who was thankful for the opportunity to play for BYU.

Noah said he wants to be remembered as someone who came out and played hard every night . . . and someone who had great jokes. And then (unfortunately) he told a few:
  • How heavy is a polar bear? I don't know, but it weighs enough to break the ice.
  • Confucius say: He who farts in church sits in his own pew
  • Why can't you take tests in the zoo? There are too many cheetahs!

Wow. He does have a great sense of humor, though. I think my favorite Noah quote was when he was being interviewed after the New Mexico game in the MWC conference tourney last year and he was asked what he was going to tell his posterity about that game. His answer: "I'll tell them that Jimmer and I combined to score 59 points!" Hahaha... love it.

On the BYUTV show "True Blue" this week, they also gave some awards to the team members. Noah won "Best Player in a Leading Role" and the "Career Achievement Award."

Charles, on the other hand, won "Best Costume Design" for accidentally wearing his shorts backwards during the Longwood game this season. He had a great game that night, too-- some people said he should have worn them that way the rest of the year. :)

I have many fond memories of Charles and Noah. You will be missed, boys. Good luck in the post season and the rest of your careers.


  1. It's going to be hard trying to replace these guys.... :(

    1. I know I shouldn't think this far ahead, but it's going to be even worse next year. We'll lose Davies, Zylstra, Cusick, Rogers, and Martineau. I'm already dreading that day...