Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Rugby Game!

Two weeks ago, all I knew about the game of rugby I learned from Friends. So basically all I knew is that a scrum is kind of like a huddle (and a hum is kind of like a scruddle) and that the players pretty much try to kill each other. But last Saturday while attending the BYU rugby game against Colorado, I learned that rugby is actually a really cool game! It's quite unusual, but fun to watch, super intense, and full of action. I still don't know a ton about rugby, but I know that I like it! Here are some of my pictures.

The Haka


The guy with the ball is Chad-- He's in my ward!

It was a really close game... haha. BYU rocks!
Conference Champions! BYU is ranked #1 and is expected to easily win the national title. Go Cougars!

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