Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Was There . . .

This post was inspired by an article by Robbie Bullough, one of the BYUTV reporters, also entitled "I Was There". Unfortunately, I don't have the all-access press pass that he does and thus haven't been to nearly all the amazing BYU sporting events that he has, but I have been present for some pretty great moments in BYU sports over the last 8 years. Here are just a few:

November 24, 2007: I was there when Max Hall went 4th and 18 to beat the Utes.

Rushing the field with my friends Carmen, Courtenay, & Brigitte

November 21, 2009: I was there when Harvey Unga became BYU's all-time leading rusher and Max Hall became BYU's winningest quarterback ever, in the same game against Air Force. And I got to meet Harvey just a week later.

Needless to say, I didn't have my nice camera back then. This picture is less than stellar, but proves I was there!
Erin & I with Harvey Unga

November 28, 2009: I was there when  Max Hall found Andrew George in OT to beat Utah.

Brad, Erin, & I almost got trampled, but it was a great day!
Again, not a great picture, but it's the best one I've got of Max Hall's moment of glory

I was there when everyone got Jimmered. UNLV, Utah, and countless others. Ah yes, that was the best of times. But these are my two favorites--

January 26, 2011: I was there when SDSU got Jimmered in spectacular fashion.

Me, Sariah, Traci, & Erin before the game

March 11, 2011: I was there in Vegas when Jimmer pounded the Lobos with 52 points.

Traci & Me, right before the magic started

September 30, 2011: I was there when Riley Nelson staged a spectacular comeback to beat USU and subsequently stole the starting QB job from Jake Heaps.

I was there for bunches of conference championships, cutting down the net ceremonies, and many other great moments.

Jonathan Tavernari was also in my ward during his senior year. Just sayin'...

I must admit I shed a tear or two when Brandon cut down a piece of the net 
last year. One of my all-time favorite moments in BYU basketball.

I love my Cougars. Here's hoping for some even more spectacular moments in the near future! :)


  1. I was also there when BYU got slapped by Utah 54-10. :(

    The Davies moment made my eyes misty as well!

    1. Yes, unfortunately, I was there for a lot of bad moments, too. But what's the fun of blogging about those? :)

    2. Thankfully, (and we are SPOILED as BYU fans,) the good moments happen a lot more frequently than the bad!