Sunday, January 6, 2013

KVN & The Hoff Commit to Returning for their Senior Year

The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy, and I was stuck in a house with an internet connection that wouldn't have a chance against a drunk, elderly snail in a race, so I've gotten way behind. I've got like 5 posts in my queue to write, but this one just had to come first. Kyle & Cody are coming back!!! It's going to be a really tough 2013 BYU football season, but having them on the team will really help the Cougars have a fighting chance at a BCS bowl. Here's how the schedule currently stands:

Aug. 31 at Virginia
Sept. 7 Texas
Sept. 21 Utah
Oct. 4 at Utah State
Oct. 12 Georgia Tech
Oct. 19 at Houston
Oct. 26 Boise State
Nov. 9 at Wisconsin
Nov. 16 Middle Tennessee State
Nov. 23 at Notre Dame
Dec. 7 at Hawaii

They've still got 3 or 4  games to fill in, so it theoretically could get even tougher before the season actually starts.

The best part is that I can arguably take full (or at least partial) credit for the return of the Hoff & KVN because I know they read my blog post encouraging them to come back. haha. Twitter provides proof:

What exactly will the Cougars gain from KVN & Cody coming back? They both have chances to smash records and become some of the best Cougar football players of all time. Cody will likely break Austin Collie's receiving records, and having him on the 2013 team, as Dick Harmon puts it, is "like manna from heaven for the Cougar offense." Cody has caught a pass in 32 consecutive games and is already fifth on the BYU receiving yards leader board at 2,718. He's 4th in receptions with 203, 3rd in TDs at 28, but only needs 2 more to break Collie's record of 30. He also only needs 3 more games of 100+ receiving yards to break Collie's record of 11. I predict that during his senior season, Cody will become #1 on all of these record lists, and those records will last for a very long time after he's gone.

As for Kyle Van Noy, he has a really good shot at becoming the #1 defensive player all-time at BYU. He is the only player in the country to record a stat in every major defensive category in both 2011 and 2012. He is currently ranked #1 nationally (tied with 4 other players) in sacks. He is also tied for 2nd place in the country in forced fumbles, and is top-10 in tackles for loss and blocked kicks. Despite losing Ziggy Ansah and Brandon Ogletree, KVN returning will help the 2013 defense give the 2012 nationally-ranked and possibly best-ever BYU defense a run for its money.

I'm not quite sure yet how I feel about the demotion of Brandon Doman to QB Coach (if he decides to accept) and the return of Robert Anae as OC. Although I find it almost impossible to believe it will make the offense worse. I'm sure I'll write another post about that subject in the coming days. But all-in-all, when you combine KVN and Cody's return with the return of Taysom Hill, Jamaal Williams, Michael Alisa, and a few other stellar players, I predict 2013 to be a much brighter season than 2012. Go Cougars!!!


  1. Taysom Hill, Cody Hoffman, Ross Apo, Jamaal Williams... Anae has gotta be SALIVATING with that skill!

    I think he is also going to whip the o-line into shape and turn them into playmakers.

    As for the defense.... KYLE VAN NOY. Nothing else needs to be said.