Friday, December 21, 2012

Kyle Van Noy & Riley Stephenson Conquer the Aztecs

Kyle Van Freakin' Noy!!!

Last night, KVN put on one of the most amazing defensive (or offensive, for that matter) football performances I've ever seen-- maybe THE best, actually. I mean, 12 points in 18 seconds?!? That's tough to beat!

Unfortunately, the first half of the Poinsettia Bowl vs. the former MWC foe San Diego State played out just like the rest of the BYU football season-- zillions of offensive mistakes, with the defense picking up the pieces time and time again. James Lark played ok, but not stellar. He threw interceptions and he got sacked (although that was mostly the o-line's fault). I thought for sure this would be just another heartbreaking loss akin to Notre Dame, Boise State, or Utah . . .

Enter Kyle Van Noy!

KVN, a defensive player, outscored the offense by himself. I really liked Jimmer's tweet during the game: "Another TD @KVN_03. Do you play offense or defense?"

It's true-- Kyle was pretty much playing all the positions out there completely on his own.  Maybe they should have put him in at QB or at least on the offensive line . . .  Many college football players dream of accomplishing in the entirety of their 4-year career what Kyle accomplished in about 10 minutes.

KVN wasn't the only standout, though-- Riley Stephenson's amazing punting pinned the Aztecs inside the 20 six times and inside the 3 three times! I think SDSU would have put a lot more points on the board if that hadn't happened. Man, I'm really going to miss that guy.

The good news:

1. James Lark didn't have an amazing game (Yes, that is good news.) I fear if he had had the most amazing bowl performance ever, the fans would torch Bronco's house for not letting him play earlier in the season. Lark was adequate, but not amazing. As I've said before, I really don't believe it would have made much difference to play him instead of Riley through most of the season. So let's just put all that QB "controversy" crap behind us now . . .

2. Cody Hoffman said he will "probably" come back for another year as a Cougar. Wahoo! Then again, Jabari Parker also said he was probably coming to BYU . . . but that's for another post on another day when I've calmed down from my anger. Hopefully Cody will follow through and do the smart thing.

3. KVN was amazing! And, most importantly, we won!!!

The bad news:

1. Kyle Van Noy might be even more likely to leave for the NFL now. He couldn't ask for a much better farewell party than that. During his post game show interview (during which his white uniform was covered from head to toe in grass stains-- totally appropriate for the occasion), he said he hasn't decided yet whether he will forego his senior year, but probably will decide fairly soon. Fingers crossed!!

2. Riley Nelson only played one series in the 2nd quarter and ended his college career by throwing an interception that was dangerously close to being a pick-6. Despite all of the criticism he has received this year, he is such a good person and a good football player. I feel really bad for the way he went out. He doesn't deserve all the flack he's gotten lately-- very few of his "mistakes" were his fault-- they were largely offensive line issues and coaching issues. I still like you, Riley!

3. No more BYU football til September. :(

What needs to happen in the off-season:

1. Brandon Doman needs to learn how to coach a passing offense, for the sake of Taysom Hill and the sanity of all the other players and fans.

2. We need to recruit some awesome O-liners and a good kicker. It shouldn't be that hard to find someone who can kick PATs and a few people who can protect the QB with at least some degree of consistency . . . right?

Sad to see the season end, but I'm glad they pulled it out! Go Cougars!

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