Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Sports News Part 1: BYU Football

Our fearless leader, Taysom Hill, will throw
his first pass against UConn on Aug 29!
Oy, I haven't blogged in forever! Between moving to a new apartment and craziness at work and in life in general, I've just been swamped, and this summer has flown by way too fast. Unlike most summers, it's actually been quite eventful in the world of BYU sports this year . . . or maybe I'm just more aware of what's been going on, thanks to BYU Sports Nation.

Anyways, here's a quick recap of the major BYU football news from the summer. A similar basketball post is coming soon.

BYU Football-- Summer 2014

Kyle Van Noy was drafted by the Detriot Lions in the second round, joining Ziggy Ansah in the Motor City. I'm excited to see the "Elders of Defense" together on the field this year! No other Cougars got drafted (which is ridiculous), but there are a few free agents hoping to land contracts for the upcoming season, including Cody Hoffman (Washington Redskins), Daniel Sorensen (Kansas City Chiefs), Eathyn Manumaleuna (New England Patriots), & Spencer Hadley (New Orleans Saints).

There are TONS of new members of the BYU football team who have joined as freshmen, juco transfers, or graduate transfers (including about a zillion receivers who will collectively attempt to replace Cody Hoffman). Notables include:
  • Devon Blackmon (WR)- He's "stupid fast"!
  • Nick Kurtz (WR)- Tall, long arms, good runner-- seems similar to Mitch Matthews, IMO.
  • Jordan Leslie (WR)- At UTEP in 2012, he had over 1,000 yards receiving, with a 19.1 yrd average per catch. This kid's gonna be good!
  • Trey Dye (WR)- He took a monster hit at the scrimmage on Friday night (the likes of which would have rendered many people unconscious-- that video doesn't do it justice), but he just kept going. Seems like a tough kid with a lot of potential.
  • Harvey Jackson (Safety)- This kid played for Nebraska. 'Nuff said. 

Bronson Kaufusi has shifted from DE to OLB. That'll be interesting. Michael Alisa has also switched positions, from RB to LB. 

I really don't think this is the huge deal it's been made out to be, but apparently BYU is not worthy of being a "Power 5" opponent. In other words, anyone is free to add BYU to their schedule, but it won't "count" as a really good, competitive game, and the ACC and SEC teams are going to start being required to play at least one of those really good, competitive games each year against a non-conference opponent. Who cares? BYU has the likes of Michigan and Nebraska on the schedule next year and plenty of other good games coming up over the next decade . . . I'm not worried.

The "Improper Benefits" scandal rocked BYU back in May . . . but so far, it's turned out to be, well, nothing. BYU is certainly not trying to cover up anything, they're self-reporting to the NCAA, and any repercussions or punishments, if any, will probably be very minimal.

UConn is less than 2 weeks away, and I'm pumped up! However, the season opener has become slightly dampened because of at least 2 self-announced suspensions (Devon Blackmon & Jamaal Williams) and at least 1 injury (Nick Kurtz). Last I heard, Kurtz is set to miss almost half the season, so he might even sit out the whole year with a redshirt, so he doesn't lose those months of eligibility. I'm really bummed about that-- I think he was one of the players I was most looking forward to watching this year.

Bronco accepted the "ice bucket challenge", as did Jarom & Spencer from BYU Sports Nation. Good times! Glad I'm not famous enough to get challenged . . .

Football season is not far away at all! Game on.

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