Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tasha's 2014 BYU Football Predictions

2 Days Til Taysom & His Brothers are Back in Action!
UConn is just 2 days away! The team heads out to Connecticut this afternoon . . . it's happening, people!

I failed miserably in my predictions last year, so let's see how I fare this time around.

August 29 at UConn
As I learned on BYU Sports Nation this morning, it's been 21 years since BYU won a season opener on the road by more than 1 point. (Seriously?! Yes, seriously.) That's gonna change this year. Against my better judgement perhaps, I shall trust in Jarom Jordan this year, although I'm not quite as confident as he is in a 17+ point win. I say BYU wins by 10.

September 6 at Texas
I hate to be a downer so early in the season, but I don't think BYU can beat Texas on the road, especially with all the rage the entire state has had building up against Taysom over the last year. As long as we come out of this game without mashed potatoes, I'll be satisfied. BYU loses by 14.

September 11 vs. Houston
Texas Schmexas.  Time for the home opener! Last year's Houston game was waaaaay too stressful. At home this year, though, I think we'll do much better, but it will still be close. BYU wins by 7.

September 20 vs. Virginia
Time for some revenge! We'd better cream those Cavaliers . . . BYU wins by 24.

October 3 vs. Utah State
#AggieTears. Our upperclassmen never got to beat the Utes, and the Aggies' seniors will never get to beat the Cougs. I think this will be a close game though . . . BYU by a field goal.

October 9 at Central Florida
I think UCF will have a great season, and BYU has never fared well in the state of Florida. This will probably be closer than the Texas game, but especially if BYU has any injuries at this point, it will be tough. BYU loses by 7.

October 18 vs. Nevada
Bronson & Alani will channel their inner Van Noy and crush that wolf pack! BYU by 17 (17-0. This one's a shut-out).

October 24 at Boise State
This could be another close one-- I think BSU is underrated. BYU should pull this one out, though-- win by 6.

November 1 at Middle Tennessee
Biggest road win of the season. BYU by 24. 

November 15 vs. UNLV
This might be the closest home game (toss up with USU). Toward the end of the season, weather could be bad, we'll likely have injuries . . . but we'll pull it out because we're at home. BYU by 3. 

November 22 vs Savannah State
Christian Stewart and the rest of the second and third string will have some good playing time in this one. The crowd will disperse as the snow falls . . . brrrrrr. BYU wins by 30 on senior day.

November 29 at California
Gotta end the season on a high note. If Taysom and Jamaal are still healthy, this will be a great game. BYU by 13.

There you go. BYU goes 10-2 heading into the Miami Beach Bowl.

Cougar Nation is ready! Go fast, go hard, go long, brethren . . .

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