Friday, March 6, 2015

Mathematical Proof that Tyler Haws is the GOAT!

Even without the 3-point line,
Tyler Haws would still be BYU's
all-time leading scorer
I just did some math & feel the need to share this with the world . . . or at least Cougar Nation.

I've heard a ton of people say that no BYU Cougar will ever be as great a scorer as Danny Ainge. I beg to differ.

Caveat: Except for a few short highlights, I've never seen Danny play. I know he was amazing. This is nothing against Danny at all. But the main stat I've heard quoted in defense of his scoring prowess is the fact that he became BYU's all-time leading scorer and held onto it for 30 years . . . and he did it without a 3-point line.

Soooo . . . Let's take away the 3-point line from the 2 people who have passed him on BYU's all-time scoring list.

Jimmer scored 2,599 points, including 293 threes.
Tyler has scored (so far) 2,624 points, including 154 threes.
If you turn every 3 pointer that Jimmer and Tyler hit into 2-pointers, thereby putting all three of them on an even playing field, here are their point totals:

Jimmer Fredette: 2,303
Danny Ainge: 2,467
Tyler Haws: 2,470 and counting

That's right-- if the 3-point line didn't exist, Jimmer wouldn't have passed Danny . . . but Tyler still would. He's 3 points ahead of him, with more basketball to play. Mind blown. There you have it. Tyler is the GOAT! End of story.

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