Monday, June 15, 2015

I am an #ELITE Member of BYU Sports Nation

Couldn't fit all this in 140 characters, so here's my "application" to be the most #Elite member of BYU Sports Nation!

First, this is a sampling of the BYU clothing I own. I counted 65 shirts, 5 pants / shorts, and 5 hats. And I'm pretty sure this isn't all of it . . .

Second, this is what my apartment looks like.

My bed, complete with BYU t-shirt blanket that I made

Bedroom Wall #1

Bedroom wall #2, complete with "Jimmer shrine"
(Tyler Haws shrine is under construction)

Bedroom wall #3. Most of the posters in my bedroom are autographed and laminated.

Hanging on my living room wall

I always know when it's time for BYU Sports Nation to start...

A smattering of my BYU memorabilia, including several autographed balls
& another blanket that I made

Office wall #1

Office wall #2

Office wall #3

Office wall #4
If that wasn't enough, this is what my former apartment looked like during Jimmer's senior year, before my landlord made me take it all down. Each of the large posters is over 4 feet tall.

Last but not least, the lifesize Jimmer.

I am THE #Elite member of BYU Sports Nation! Vote for me! :)

My name is Tasha, and I approve this message.

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