Monday, January 30, 2012

The Jimmer & The Jazz

I must admit I was kind of let down by Saturday's Jazz / Kings game. Disappointed in the stupid people who booed Jimmer every time he touched the ball, and disappointed in Jimmer's last-second airball shot (although later, I saw photographic evidence proving he was fouled-- that made me feel a little better). But it was still a good game and I had a good time. It was definitely better than the alternative-- if I had gone to the St. Mary's / BYU game, I may not be alive right now to tell the tale. I had pretty bad seats, so these pics aren't the greatest, but here's a slideshow of the return of King Jimmer:

 Let's get ready to rumble!

 All of a sudden, Jimmer looks like 10 times whiter than he's ever looked before... haha :)

 Don't worry-- he made this one! :)
Nicole & I are Jimmer fans for life! :)

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