Friday, February 3, 2012

BYU vs Gonzaga: Now that's more like it!

Dang, that was a great game last night. Definitely worth staying up past my bedtime. :) I even managed to sneak in with a friend of a friend who camped out, so I was on row 7! The only downside was that I was right behind the people with the giant cardboard heads, so sometimes I couldn't see very well. But it was still great. The flash mob was fun, too.

I'm still kind of disappointed in the way my boys played offensively (seriously-- is there a force field around the basket every time they shoot a three?!?) and I'm getting really annoyed with the WCC refs (poor Abouo-- they really seem to have it out for him), but defensively, they were fantastic. Way to step it up against the Zags! I am glad that Carlino finally realized he needs to be relentless right from the beginning, instead of waiting until they're 20 points down in the 2nd half. Anson Winder also really stepped it up. I'll admit I've had my doubts, but he's very slowly growing on me. Best of all, the atmosphere was just like it should be. I wasn't at the St. Mary's game, but I saw it on TV and I know what happened. Tom Holmoe came out before the Gonzaga game last night and spoke to the student section. I was expecting a lecture, but he said, "You'll notice there are rally towels on your seats again. You know what that means? It means we trust you."

I also especially loved some of the signs in the crowd. Some of my personal favorites:


"Party Brock is in the house tonight" (complete with picture of Brock with a party hat on). Side note: Happy Birthday, Zylstra! Too bad he lost his starting position for the night. Bad timing.

"Zero is my Hero!" (Yay, Brandon!)

"It's Groundhog Day. Ready to re-live last year's game?"

Also, it wasn't a sign, but I loved the "Who's your daddy?" chant when Stockton was shooting free throws. Hahaha, awesome.

Good times. I just hope we can keep it together and finish out the season strong! Go Cougars!
The line outside the Marriott Center before the doors opened. Reminds me of last year...

 Me and Melanie!

 Elder Christofferson & Jerry Sloane

 Boo yah! Take that, Zags!


  1. It's amazing how BYU Basketball had become THE hot ticket in town. That's what happens when you have a unified student section with a great team.

    Now if only there was a way to get such an atmosphere for the football games....

    1. Thanks for the comment, Frank. I agree. I think just being indoors makes a big difference-- it somehow makes you feel a lot closer to the action. And it's obviously different with the students being so spread out in the football stadium.