Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I wish I was a gymnast

When I was little, the first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up was a gymnast. I started classes when I was pretty young, but my family moved when I was 8 and I had to quit about 2 years later because we couldn't find any affordable classes at my level in the area (I was trying to learn back tucks with some kids who could barely cartwheel). But I've always wanted to be just like Shannon Miller or the two Dominiques (Moceaneau & Dawes). I still remember watching in awe when Kerri Strug completed her vault in the 1996 olympics perfectly, despite her badly injured ankle. I miss the days when a perfect 10 was possible, and when the sport (at least on the olympic level) wasn't laden with scandal & bribed judges. Of course, there are still some great gymnasts out there currently competing-- my favorites being Shawn Johnson, Ali Raisman, Jordan Wieber, and, on the men's side, Jonathan Horton (I'm pretty sure I could sit and watch him do a high bar routine all day long...) I can't wait til the games in London! 

But until then, I love BYU, and I love gymnastics... so I love BYU gymnastics! I've been to almost every home meet since I was a freshman-- it has been my most faithfully attended Cougar sport! My claim to fame is that my cousin, Megan Bain, is a star on the current BYU roster, and I think she's amazing! Unfortunately, she tore her achilles a few weeks ago, so she's out for the rest of this season. :( But there are still some great gymnasts on our team-- a few of my favorites being Jennifer Lezeu and Natalie Pickard.

These pictures aren't the greatest because they move so fast and the lighting in the fieldhouse is terrible, but here are some pics I took at the meet vs. Boise State on Saturday. These girls are amazing!



  1. I think your pictures turned out great! I agree that gymnasts are totally amazing! I recently went to see our BYU team compete at the University of Arizona, since that's where I live now. It was so fun to cheer on our talented athletes at an away meet for them. Go Cougs!

  2. These photo's turned out nice. I especially like the second one from the bottom. Sometimes I wish I was a gymnast too!