Sunday, November 3, 2013

BYU Football: We're Finally on a Winning Streak!

Cody Hoffman goes for a catch against GA Tech
BYU football has now won 5 games in a row, become bowl eligible for the 9th year in a row, and has proven me wrong in many, many ways. Unfortunately, I don't think we have much of a shot against Wisconsin next Saturday (I'll let you decide whether or not I'm using reverse psychology with that statement . . .), but I'm pleasantly surprised by how this year is shaping up. If we could top it off with a win against Notre Dame and a bowl win, that is definitely a successful season.

I haven't blogged about football in awhile, so here's a quick wrapup of the last 3 games. 

Georgia Tech (Final Score: 38-20)

I actually went to this game with a borrowed sports pass-- my first attended game of the year! It was great to be back in LES, even if I was stuck in the stupid ROC section. Favorite moment? Definitely this grab by Cody. My first thought was, now THAT'S the Cody I've been waiting for! Where has he been hiding? Thankfully THAT Cody has stuck around since and is hopefully here to stay for the rest of the year.

The Georgia Tech game was a solid win, but BYU did start to fall off in the second half. The offense only had 12 yards in the 3rd quarter. Yikes. A pick 6 from Alani Fua early in the 4th gave them a little breathing room, and they hung on til the end. A W is a W, but you can't have the offense sleep for 15 minutes and expect to beat teams like Wisconsin and Notre Dame. That's definitely something they need to work on.

Taysom's on a throw . . . er, I mean roll!
Houston (Final Score: 47-46)

I'm pretty sure I lost at least 5 years off my life watching this game. Holy moley, that was stressful! It was just neck-and-neck the whole time. So much for thinking this would be an easy win . . .

I went to the BYU Broadcasting building to be in the audience for Countdown to Kickoff and watched the first half of the game with all the Cougar faithful there. At halftime, I decided to go home and watch the rest of the game on my own, though-- it was already getting really heated, and I knew if BYU didn't pull it out, those people were going to start a riot or burn the building down or something. And I may have been all too tempted to join them.

We actually have Alani Fua to thank for clinching this win, too. His interception in the final minutes of the game eliminated any chance Houston had to pull ahead with a field goal. But Taysom was also awesome. The Cougs definitely wouldn't have won without him.

Melanie, Me, Kailee, and Rachel cheering on our Cougars!
Boise State (Final Score: 37-20)

Last but not least, BYU beat Boise State for the first time ever last weekend. I think this was definitely the offense's best game of the year by far-- they racked up a total of 568 yards. Taysom was 27 of 41 passing for a total of 339 yards, 3 TDs, and no interceptions. BOOM, baby!

It was a dominant win, but it definitely could have been better. Once again, they had a lackluster second half, much like the Georgia Tech game. BYU scored 13 points in the last 30 minutes of play time, while Boise State scored 17, which like I said before, isn't going to cut it against the elite teams we've got coming up.

I think Taysom is just getting better and better, though, and so is the rest of the offense. His confidence as a QB is growing. I must admit, though, that I'm starting to get really scared he's going to hurt himself again. He claims he's being more careful than he was last year, but I'm not sure I believe him. Every time he gets tackled, I wince and hold my breath until he stands up and starts walking again. Anyway, I'm trying not to think negatively. I wish it had come one game earlier than it did, but Taysom is really pulling together a stellar sophomore season.

Next up, Wisconsin. I'm not sure how that game's gonna go, but I sure hope they at least put up a great fight!

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